1)"For the past decade, Deej Fabyc has been consistently breaking new ground in the field of performance, installation and live art. She deals with trauma, loss, illness, identity and other themes so familiar to the contemporary audience for art. But she does so in ways that seems fresh and inventive, with far more edge and menace than some of her more widely known peers. Remarkably, Deej finds the time to devote to the development of elastic residence, a sustainable context for the practice of other, like-minded artists that has a significant presence in the art scene of London." (2008)

Professor Michael Corris
Professor of Fine Art at the Art and Design Research Center, Sheffield Hallam University (Sheffield, UK)

2) "Deej Fabyc briefly calls upon the image of the vagina dentate to describe the scopic tension at work in her performances and installations. Indeed, voyeurism and vengeance coalesce in a biting diaristic seduction that snaps back at heterosexual norms. Scanning for signs of threat, Fabyc identifies, absorbs, and reconstitutes consensual desire as schizophrenic flux". (1995)

Jeff Gibson Artist &Features Editor Artforum NY

3) "Like the revelations of psychosis in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s remarkable short story The Yellow Wallpaper (1899), drawing attention to the decorative detail of the domestic space, this object fetishism, is expanded into the very stealth-like adaptive, animal nature of the feminine self involved in strange rituals of self-debasement and escape into the realm of an overactive imagination."

Eve Sullivan London based Independent art writer Essay for Fabyc’s exhibition Handle on Nowhere 2007

4) "Fabyc plots the conduits of desire across the body and its technologies, through the interstices of the family and its loves and in the sexual transactions of our everyday life. Familial schemes, mercantile dreams…intensity machines. Desire is an intensity machine"

Deej Fabyc This Rose is For Sale 200 Gertrude Street Gallery 1994 from Catalogue Essay by Roque Reynolds Independent Writer Sydney Australia

Wednesday 5 March 2008

Home Front

Niki De Saint Phalle

For my second work in development for Artsadmin
I am making a performative installation,which will occur on private land in the countryside this summer.